The Paris Eiffel Jumping (part of the Global Champions Tour 2014). Source.

Pic1 - Backstage.

Pic2 - CONRAD DE HUS lost his bridle during his round with Gregory Wathelet.

Pic3 - Walking the course.

Pic4 - Janika Sprunger.

Pic5 - Roger-Yves Bost & POKER DES DAMES.

Pic6 - QUICKLY DE KREISKER, his groom Elodie Bourget and his rider Abdelkebir Ouaddar.

Pic7 - Horse & groom.

Pic8 - Rodrigo Pessoa & Philippe Guerdat.

Pic9 - Emanuele Gaudiano during the puissance class.

Pic10 - Stanny & Constant Van Paesschen.

"Yeah this jump goes over my shoulder, no biggie"

I haven’t seen Rodrigo in forever. Omg.